Máximo Álvarez-Garmón February 13th 2017

Getting your Marbella property ready for the summer

Those owners of properties in Marbella that are keen to use and/or rent out their apartments, penthouses and villas during the summer months will be looking to get everything prepared in time. Having professionals take care of this for you takes away the stress and allows you to enjoy the benefits of your holiday home, especially if you live abroad.

La Costa Marbella is a specialist in all types of property management and maintenance services, and has a great deal of experience in offering these services. The know-how and dedicated infrastructure built up over the years sets the company apart from other real estate companies that only provide limited management as a side-line – and occasionally an afterthought. “At La Costa Marbella this kind of service is not an add-on but one of our core activities,” says company director Maximo Álvarez-Garmón. “We have been representing homeowners for decades, and as a result we have the expertise to make what could be complicated run smooth as clockwork.”

Apart from the experience of the company’s management, one of the reasons for this is the structure created in which experienced technicians, gardeners, electricians, teams of cleaners and other specialist workers apply their know-how within an organisation that works like well-oiled machine. “It’s the kind of business that benefits greatly from experience and knowing how to organise things in an efficient way, but we couldn’t do it without a very good team, and those are also not built up overnight. For this reason we look after our people and build up technical, maintenance and housekeeping teams that stay with us for a long time.”

It’s a recipe for an efficiently run operation that gives its clients the confidence and peace of mind needed to entrust their homes to La Costa Marbella, who are charged with looking after their homes and keeping them in tip-top condition. As well as this, the company optimises rental income from properties that are not only equipped, presented and maintained well, but where there is a helpful service available to deal with any problems that may arise during a holiday stay. “Being available for your clients – and their clients – is important, and goes beyond merely providing your basic service well,” says Maximo. “To do this job well we have to also have a service-oriented and problem-solving mentality.”

In Marbella the holiday season is not limited to only three months in summer, but starts with golfers and other seasonal visitors in Spring, so homeowners keen to enjoy the sunshine or rent out their properties will already be getting ready to prepare gardens, check inventories, make sure there is no damage needing repair, clean and get ready for guests. Sometimes this entails more than just a tidy up, but with the seamless service offered by La Costa Marbella’s specialist property maintenance and management company such headaches are quickly and efficiently taken care of and you can look forward to the holiday season with gusto.

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