Máximo Álvarez-Garmón November 9th 2017

Make sure your Marbella property is prepared for winter

La Costa Marbella offers an efficient property maintenance service and this is the time of year when our team starts to seriously talk about preparing the properties we look after for winter. If you’re a newcomer to Spain, you might wonder why there is a need to do anything when it just seems to be sunny all the time. However, we can tell you that there are some very important precautions to take, because it does rain in Marbella in the winter months, and quite often when the clouds open, it isn’t a light shower.

Keep an eye on water damage
Consequently, one of the most priceless pieces of advice we can share with you is this: check all your drains and remove any leaves and dirt. Once you’ve done this, double check that the drainage system is working. This is particularly important with apartment terraces, as a faulty drain can end up causing problems in the property below and may cost you substantial sums of money putting the problem right – not to mention potentially causing issues with the neighbours. If you have a garden, check the drainage there as well. You might also want to consider installing an automatic irrigation system for those dry winter days so that the garden is in great condition for next season.

Prevent damp
Basically, properties on the Costa del Sol are built for the warmer months. They are intended to keep heat out. This is great during the summer, but in winter a property may become cold and damp if it isn’t properly heated and ventilated. Damp is a common problem, but the La Costa property maintenance team have a number of effective solutions and with us looking after your property you can be assured that damp will never appear – let alone take hold and spread.

Regular check-ups
It is especially important to prepare for winter if your property is often empty for long periods of time, which is why we recommend having someone on the ground who can check your property regularly, air and heat it and keep any problems at bay. It is also the perfect time to have any other maintenance work carried out, such as painting the exterior, updating tiling and any other jobs that will make your property more secure and keep it in good shape.

Contact La Costa Marbella for more information about our Property Maintenance Service and to have a chat about how we can help you keep your property in tip-top shape throughout Marbella’s winter months.