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The benefits of using a property management company

La Costa Marbella doesn’t just sell homes, we also provide a property management and maintenance service that has been fine-tuned over decades. We give our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing their homes are in safe hands

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón August 4th 2017

Top Tips for a profitable rental property

A good number of residential property owners who buy on the Costa del Sol do so because they plan to rent the property out for either short term or long term lets. Short term lets for the holiday periods throughout

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón July 26th 2017

Keeping cool in a Costa summer

The summer sunshine of the Costa del Sol is beloved by tourists and residents alike, but there are times when its heat threatens to defeat us all and we search for ways to keep cooler. Outside, we know that seeking

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón July 7th 2017

The beautiful beach clubs of East Marbella

East Marbella is home to some of Marbella’s best beaches, whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing day out with the family, lunch in the sun with friends or to add a touch of elegance to your day, there

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón June 26th 2017

The ideal holiday rental home for families

We often talk about how to prepare a property to become the ideal holiday rental home in Marbella, but while many of the things that qualify a property as such apply universally there are also specific features that make a

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón May 22nd 2017