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Lovely El Rosario!

Marbella is blessed with so many lovely areas, it can be a daunting task when looking to buy a home, either to live in permanently or as a second home. El Rosario is a wonderful location for both permanent living

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón November 27th 2017

Marbella East golfing properties

Marbella East is a real golfer’s paradise with a number of high quality courses located within a relatively small area. Golfing properties around these courses attract a lot of interest from those looking to rent or buy, resulting in a

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón October 27th 2017

East Marbella is the Place for Golf!

With the unofficial pseudonym of ‘Costa del Golf’, it will come as no surprise that the Costa del Sol is a golfers paradise. Andalucía holds over 100 golf courses, with 66 of those stretching from Sotogrande to Málaga. As well

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón September 21st 2017

New venues in Marbella East 2017

The eastern end of Marbella has the most glorious stretches of beach and one that takes in Cabopino and the Artola dunes. It has for some time been the prime location for the area’s premier beach clubs, including the world

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón August 25th 2017

The beautiful beach clubs of East Marbella

East Marbella is home to some of Marbella’s best beaches, whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing day out with the family, lunch in the sun with friends or to add a touch of elegance to your day, there

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón June 26th 2017

Eastern Promise in Marbella East

People who have chosen to make this fabulous stretch of coast their home tend to pay more attention to the western San Pedro-Golden Mile section of Marbella than the eastern side of the city. This is a major oversight, since

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón May 8th 2017