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A Happy Spanish Christmas!

  Christmas for many Northern Europeans is synonymous with the cold, snow, ice and mulled wine to warm through cold hands! It may seem counter intuitive to spend Christmas in sunny Marbella, however it can be just as magical and ‘Christmassy’

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón December 12th 2017

Spain’s record breaking 2017

According to statistics released by Spain’s National Statistics Institute a record 36.3 million tourists visited Spain during the first half of this year. And that isn’t the only good news; property sales to foreign buyers are on target for their

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón September 8th 2017

Five things a good rental property should have!

Letting a property in Marbella is a great investment opportunity, however, there are many aspects that you will need to consider before doing so in order to ensure that your rental apartment or villa is appealing enough to ensure that

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón February 24th 2017

Getting your Marbella property ready for the summer

Those owners of properties in Marbella that are keen to use and/or rent out their apartments, penthouses and villas during the summer months will be looking to get everything prepared in time. Having professionals take care of this for you

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón February 13th 2017

The Value of Marbella Property Maintenance

At La Costa Marbella, we don’t just sell properties, we also help owners look after their Marbella apartment, villa or townhouse once they have moved in. Indeed, our property maintenance service is a key element that distinguishes La Costa Marbella

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón January 10th 2017

2016 Marbella property roundup

Where previous years produced recession, followed by recovery and then growth, 2016 was a somewhat more diverse year. In that sense it was a little harder to describe than previous years, with some factors outside Marbella impacting upon a property

Máximo Álvarez-Garmón December 19th 2016